AT&T’s replacement for DSL is it new ‘Internet Air’ FWA
A new AT&T website outlines an "Internet Air" fixed wireless Internet offering that appears to be the 5G product the operator will offer customers affected by the dismantling of its aging copper wireline Internet network. "AT&T DSL Internet customers, upgrade to AT&T Internet Air," the company urges in a video on its website. The service is promoted as better, faster and more secure than AT&T's 100-year-old copper network. "Internet Air is our new, fast home Internet delivered over the reliable AT&T wireless network," the video explains.
According to the AT&T website, the fixed wireless access (FWA) service costs $55 per month, offers "typical download speeds" between 40 Mbit/s and 140 Mbit/s, and does not carry any overage charges. Users can install the service themselves via the new "All-Fi Hub" receiver and test the offering for free for a week. An AT&T representative contacted by Light Reading didn't offer any additional details about the service – such as which vendors are powering the service. According to the financial analysts at Wells Fargo, there are still 6.2 million customers on AT&T's DSL network, though that figure is declining at a rate of 1.3 million per year.


AT&T introduced a fixed wireless product on its 4G network using 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum in 2019, in part to meet Connect America Fund Phase II buildout requirements. According to FierceWireless, the company counted around 500,000 FWA customers on that network last year.